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Bottle conveyor system

“We chose the easy drive® system for a bottle conveyor system with an additional carrying run. Since the bottles are conveyed between the toothed transport belts, which protrude on the sides, it was not possible to use toothed belts with flanges.

We felt that, compared to other conveying systems, easy drive® offered the most convincing concept, especially because the comprehensive range of coatings for the timing belts was considerably larger. As far as our applications are concerned, easy drive® is the optimal solution.”

Portal cranes in container terminals

Portal cranes used to load or unload large containers from ships for further transport by truck can be found in all harbors around the world.

Since large distances have to be covered between the individual positions, the electric cables are suspended several times. These suspensions have their own drive system. The drive box has a mid-mounted motor and transmits the power to the pulleys with a Gates carbon drive belt.

Since the axes in such a box are not aligned 100%, the timing belt exhibited such strong lateral movements that it actually deformed flanges with a thickness of 2 mm. As a result, the timing belt was worn to such an extent that it had to be replaced within just a few months.

“We replaced the pulleys and timing belts in all boxes with a screwed-in easy drive® system, and we haven’t had to replace any belts for more than two years. The system runs absolutely smoothly and without any interruptions.”

Linear axles

Flanged pulleys are used in conventional linear axles.

In the meantime, the easy drive® system is used for highly precise requirements and applications. The risk of losing a flanged wheel and a breakdown was eliminated.

When using easy drive®, very little space is required and precise running properties as well as absolute operational reliability are achieved.

Solar wafer and glass transport

Processing wafers or glass plates while they are being conveyed in plants is only possible if the timing belts used for the conveying run accurately and with directional stability in the running direction.

Up until now, precise tracking guides for timing belts with a highly restricted width tolerance were needed for this purpose. These types of systems were very expensive and prone to breakdown.

"Since the installation of easy drive® systems, the operations have become significantly less expensive, more precise and less susceptible to breakdown. The high costs of machine downtimes have been eliminated and the number of rejects has been considerably reduced."

Blister packaging

Packaging pills in blisters and the appropriate boxes calls for utmost feeding precision.

This kind of perfect tracking also is extremely important in connection with gripping robots, because the robot can take over the product quicker and without any errors if the position of delivery is precise.

With the easy drive® system, the timing belts guided in the running direction for conveying allow markedly higher speed and, hence, higher output.

Paper-textile feeding

When several timing belts are used simultaneously next to one another and, for example, paper or textiles/ non-wovens need to be conveyed, even very small reciprocating movements of the timing belts will lead to wrinkling or displacement.

The zero-play and accurate running characteristics of the easy drive® system has helped reduce the rate of rejects significantly as well as minimize the downtimes of the plants.

Metal forming and stamping presses in the automobile industry

Timing belts are used to feed metal plates into molding presses for automotive parts. The timing belts convey the metal plates to the metal forming and stamping press, where the plates are formed into the desired shape, e.g. for fenders.

With easy drive® the metal plates can be positioned more accurately; this reduces scrap edges and punching waste.

Conveying cardboard boxes

In a plant designed to process boxes, the cardboard boxes are supplied to the machine by means of a guide block. The guide block is moved on both sides by a timing belt. A complicated assembly of rods had to be built in order to ensure that the timing belts ran absolutely synchronously. Due to the high loads, which cause the edges to chafe against the screwed flanges, the timing belts were worn continuously.

As a result of the abrasion, the timing belts had to be replaced regularly because the tension members were bared, and this led to a breakdown of the plant.

Since easy drive®  and a center-guide were installed in the plant, the timing belt has run in a straight line and the guide block is now free from interferences.

There is no more wear of the timing belts and the complicated rod assembly was eliminated, which resulted in savings throughout the overall plant.

Timing belts with welded profiles

Breco ATN timing belts with special screwed-on profiles are being used by a company specialized in special purpose machines for customized feeding systems.

Since the timing belts frequently did not track correctly, it was difficult to position the products. Consequently, there was a relatively high rate of rejects, and downtimes were needed in order to reposition the system.

For two years the company has been using the easy drive® system to guide their ATN timing belts. Following the conversion to easy drive®, the timing belts have been running precisely in the position of the products, productivity has risen significantly, and downtimes have been minimized.

All plants will only be supplied with the easy drive® system in future.

In the meantime, easy drive® has proven its worth in many other applications. The examples described here are only a selection of the myriad application possibilities of the easy drive® system.

easy drive® is simply the best system for any application, irrespective of whether it is a standard system or a special problem solution.



easy drive® promises simple and accurate advantages in all applications in which toothed belts require high precision.